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The Pros of Cloud Computing

You might have heard about cloud computing but do you know what it is? Cloud computing provides a simple way to access server applications over the Internet, which not only allows you to not to have to be on site, but in theory would save you from having to invest in very expensive server equipment. In theory, cloud computing offers your website a number of advantages that you just wouldn’t get with a home server (that houses your website) stuck in your basement or even at your company’s basement.

Most Popular Cloud Computing Options

The biggest companies in the world are in the cloud computing game. The most popular options are ICloud, Engye, Google Apps and Drive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox and OpenDrive. You do have to shop around and compare their services in order to figure out which one is the best fit for you. They all vary in cost and services so look around.

Here are some advantages to cloud computing:

  1.  Cost

You don’t have to invest in as much hardware, such as backup tapes or expensive external hard drives. You can just put all of your information online at any number of relatively inexpensive online storage options. Amazon just upped the game by offering unlimited storage for a mere 6 dollars a month. It’s hard to imagine even needing that much space.

  1. Security

There is one major advantage toward giving over your security to firms like Google, Dropbox, and Amazon: they have strong defenses against hacking. They have to because they fight off intrusions every hour of every day. The best you can do if you run your website entirely out of a business server is usually one or two people, who may or may not be up to the task of defending you and the privacy of your customers from the Internet.

Theoretically, the admins and networking gurus at, say, a Google or Amazon are among the best in the world and therefore are probably much better than anyone you could hire locally.

  1. Accessibility

If you’re like most people, then you’ve had laptops, desktops and phones fail on you. But if you’ve been using the cloud, this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your important information. You can use this same advantage for your business. Essential files should almost all be online. The key becomes not so much any one hard computer but ensuring that you have internet access so that you can always retrieve your most important files.

  1. Better Collaboration

This would seem to be an advantage for any firm no matter its size. But a lot of white collar work is collaboration. Having a central server online means that your workers can always talk and communicate with each other no matter where they’re at. Plus, you don’t have to worry about documents being lost in somebody’s private email account. Theoretically, you should always be able to find important documents and work products.

  1. Invisibility

The cloud is very real but the best part of it is that it’s completely unseen by either your workers or your customers. There are no backrooms full of dusty servers that have to be serviced and coaxed into productivity. That’s somebody else’s cost and responsibility. You get the services and somebody richer than you provides them at a cheap price.

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